Business Customers


Do you want to expand your customer base? Do you want to serve fantastic, top quality homemade cakes? Are you looking for quality ‘special diet’ products?  Then you are in the right place!

Offbeat Cakes supplies local cafes, restaurants and businesses with delicious cakes that are suitable for people with special dietary requirements. Your business could enjoy the benefits brought by supplying vegan cakes which also have no gluten containing ingredients, no egg and no dairy*.

Our existing business customers re-order again and again due to high demand and the fantastic feedback they have had from their customers about the homemade cakes. People with no special dietary requirements also enjoy Offbeat Cakes and don’t realise there is anything different about them!

Open your business up to a whole new customer base of vegans, coeliacs, and people with allergies and intolerances who are all waiting for an outlet where they can enjoy some cake along with their coffee or tea – and even better, they bring their friends with them too!

When you order products from Offbeat Cakes, you will receive a free marketing package to notify the target market of people with special dietary requirements in your area. So as well as your existing customers knowing about your new range of cakes, a whole new tailored market of customers including vegan, coeliac and other dietary requirements are reached. This has proven to create an immediate and noticeable increase in footfall, as a direct consequence of having the cakes in stock.

Apply now to have Offbeat Cakes supplied to your business by completing the form below. Or if you have or any enquiries about products and price lists, you can also email or phone Amy on 07766411030.

*Please note that many of our cakes contain plant derived lactic acid which may not be suitable for lactose intolerance. We do offer some cakes which do not contain lactic acid, so do get in touch if you wish to discuss