Amy’s Story

Amy is the proprietor of Offbeat Cakes, a baking enthusiast with particular interest in special diets, who believes that everyone should be able to enjoy an indulgent cake, regardless of dietary restrictions.

Amy was diagnosed as a coeliac in March 2007, which was an unexpected result of various medical tests. As with many newly diagnosed patients, Amy at first found it difficult to adjust to a gluten-free diet and made a few errors in the early days, but she soon began to get the hang of it, and continued to cook for herself and others, but became ever more creative with her recipes to ensure they were free from gluten yet ensuring they were lacking in neither taste nor texture.

Amy realised over the next few years that she also seemed to react to dairy, having skin problems whenever she ate dairy products, so she began to cut them out of her diet. This, along with a growing interest in veganism and the health benefits of a plant-based diet, encouraged Amy to start researching alternative plant-based ingredients to use in cooking and baking, along with gluten-free grains.

Working in a catering environment for the last three years, Amy began to use her recipes in a commercial kitchen, providing an option for people with special diets. She discovered the joy in creating fresh and tasty food for people who often assumed that they would have to go hungry, or put up with some pre-packaged offering which was the only option for someone following a special diet.

Knowing from personal experience the disappointment of going out for a social visit to a cafe or restaurant, and not being able to eat anything on offer in the cake cabinet, Amy decided it was time to set up a business which catered for this market, and so Offbeat Cakes was born…!

Much of Amy’s baking is done through a trial and error process of altering individual ingredients for each recipe and making minor adjustments to ensure that the final product is just perfect – nothing less will do. Baking is a science, and to achieve the combination of taste, texture and keeping qualities that Offbeat Cakes is well known for takes much patience and an in-depth knowledge of baking and how ingredients react with each other. Great attention to detail in the creation of the recipes and the handmade finishes to her cakes mean that the outcome is always a pleasure to look at, as well as immensely enjoyable eat of course!