Offbeat Cakes specialises in vegan, gluten free, dairy* and egg free cakes, but never compromises on taste, quality or choice. Classic cakes, cupcakes & occasion cakes are available to order and can be enjoyed by everybody.

Offbeat Cakes exists for those individuals and businesses looking for a niche special dietary product that will far exceed expectations and redefine the market for these foods. Offbeat Cakes provides something a bit different from your average cake maker and delivers an extraordinary product and service. Baking consistently amazing quality cakes with intricate flavour balance, great texture and moreish taste, you would never know they are made without ingredients normally expected in a cake – no wheat flour, no butter, no egg!!! Add to that an efficient and friendly service, great value for money and top quality ingredients and you get happy customers who return again and again!

Offbeat make a wide range of cakes, from old favourites such as Rich Chocolate Fudge Cake and Lemon Drizzle, to interesting cupcakes including Chai Latte and Spiced Carrot Cake, plus innovatively decorated occasion cakes for birthdays or special events.

Our main focus at Offbeat Cakes is providing for special diets, but everyone tells us that the flavour and texture of our cakes is so good that no-one would ever know they weren’t a ‘normal’ cake! So you can serve our delicious cakes without people even knowing that there is anything different about them!

Cakes are made to order which means we are flexible to accommodate customer requirements and any other requests for special diets are also welcomed and applied where possible e.g. sugar free cakes.

For more information, or to place an order contact Amy on 07766411030 or email offbeatcakes@hotmail.com

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*Please note that many of our cakes contain plant derived lactic acid which may not be suitable for lactose intolerance. We do offer some cakes which do not contain lactic acid, so do get in touch if you wish to discuss